Boats for Sale

Under the Orca Boats brand name through Orca Canoes & Kayaks Ltd., I have produced hand crafted wooden kayaks, wood strip  canoes and small row boats for discerning customers around the world.  With a tasteful eye to aesthetics and creative use of  common softwoods and exotic hardwoods, each craft is a unique work of art.
Any person who wishes to acquire a custom hand crafted  wooden canoe or kayak fully appreciates the skill, time and effort it takes to complete a craft of this caliber.
Below are some  of the boats that are for sale .  If you want to inquire about these  boats or the possibility of having one built for you Contact me.

For Sale

Black Pearl Greenland style kayak.  Designed by Bjorn Thomasson of Sweden and built at Orca Boats, this traditional style of kayak is a slender, low volume, playful kayak.  It is rated for a person around 5’8″ to 5′ 10″, with a weight range of 155 to 175 lbs. and with the smaller, traditional style cockpit, it would be better suited to a slender paddler.  This is not a recreational touring kayak for long trips, but rather a fun boat to surf, roll and rock garden in.  It was originally built for a customer who nearing the end of the build, bowed out, which means you can get a pretty good deal on this one.
You can also view the actual build of this kayak on my YouTube channel.  Contact me for more information and pricing.  Can be shipped anywhere in Canada or the US.
 I also have a chestnut 16 foot canvas canoes that if you wish to adopt and have it restored for yourself you can contact me.