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Under the Orca Boats brand name through Orca Canoes & Kayaks Ltd., I have produced hand crafted wooden kayaks, wood strip  canoes and small row boats for discerning customers around the world.  With a tasteful eye to aesthetics and creative use of  common softwoods and exotic hardwoods, each craft is a unique work of art.
Any person who wishes to acquire a custom hand crafted  wooden canoe or kayak fully appreciates the skill, time and effort it takes to complete a craft of this caliber.
Below are some  of the boats that are either for sale or have previously sold as demo models at reduced pricing.  If you want to inquire about these  boats or the possibility of having one built for you Contact me.

For Sale

Currently, there are no boats for sale in the shop.  I do have several canvas canoes that if you wish to adopt them and have them restored for yourself you can contact me.


4 thoughts on “Boats for Sale

  1. Jacky says:

    Hi there!

    I’m currently in the market for a Canoe and live in the nearby area. I’m a bit of beginner looking for a canoe that can suit my needs as a novice adventurer.

    To cut to the chase; I’m looking for a boat that would be capable of the following things and I’d love for you to tell me if these things are possible and if this is something you’re able to either create or having something in stock.

    Trip Details:
    2-3 people + Medium sized dog,
    Light camping equipment (2 large camping backpacks w/ medium sized cooler),

    3 hours on the water to my destination

  2. Gary hennessy says:

    Interested in 16 or 17 foot wc canoe. I h ave a 12 foot Chestnut now but interested in.a larger boat for fishing and 2 adults
    Let me.know what you have and rough guess on price

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