Current Projects

Things are winding down in the shop for the summer as we will be closed for the month of July.

Finished restoring the Chestnut canvas canoes.

The 100 yr old St. Lawrence river skiff is done and delivered back to the customer.  Check out my YouTube channel for videos of the process and my Facebook page for lots of photos.

Also finishing a cedar strip canoe for a customer who was not able to complete the project himself.  Major work is done and now just need to sand and varnish.

And lastly, we are adding a rudder and some recessed deck fittings to a kayak that the customer purchased used.

4 thoughts on “Current Projects

  1. Martin Feuchtwanger says:


    [enquiry, not a comment]

    Can you convert an old wooden whitewater (Nimbus) kayak paddle?
    Currently: one-piece, 208cm long, feather 90 deg
    Desired: one- or two-pice, 195cm long, feather 10 deg



  2. Geoff Giesemann says:

    I have been watching your videos on how to build a skin over canoe. I am building a 15′ skin over frame canoe and I plan to fill it with the rubber mastic as seen in your video. I’m thinking this will give it a stronger surface to resist tears. My question is this. What type of paint do you recommend to go over the mastic? I’m thinking an epoxy might be more resistant to scratches. Any advice on this would be appreciated. Love your boats.

    • I would not necessarily recommend this for a skin on frame style of boat. The usual product is a high tensile nylon fabric, not canvas, with some sort of two part sealant. But the paint I use are basic one part marine paints. I don’t recommend two part paints as they are a bit too hard and will not flex enough with the fabric needing to move.

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