Wooden Kayaks

As founder and owner of Orca Canoes and Kayaks Ltd, Rod Tait has been designing, building and teaching boat building since 1998. Many of the boats built at Orca Boats shop have won awards at Wooden Boat Festivals and always draw the attention of onlookers, especially those that appreciate the time and effort it takes to produce a finely designed and hand crafted wooden boat. All of the designs are expressions of traditional crafts.

Wooden Canoes

Sweeping sheer line curves, fine entries and exits, incorporating a variety of elegant hard and softwoods to produce a final product that is sure to be a prized possession for the owner. All boats are custom built to suit your needs, wishes and desires from length, volume and cockpit sizes, right down to utilizing computer design to accurately fit the boat to you.


To see some of our current kayak design options, please click here. You can also choose from numerous canoe and small boat designs available. If you wish to build your own kayak, please go to the Orca Boats web site for more info on plans, kits, and building information.